Therapeutic Programs

Leaving the Pow

Aimed at people of Seniors, focusing especially on the cognitive stimulation of our users to fostering remembrance, reminiscence and other executive functions.

Magical Dogs

Intended for people with cerebral palsy, rare diseases, chromosomal disorders… where the main objective is to generate multisensory spaces through direct contact with the dog and psychomotor exercises.

CuranDOG with Dogs

Aimed at people diagnosed with DSM. Our work targets mainly focus on cognitive stimulation and increased time of sustained attention, emotional expression connection with the environment and social skills training.

Give me the leg

Its target population are children or adults with ASD. Work and empower your communication skills depending on the communication system used (SACCS, TEACCH method, talks marked B. Schaeffer…); exercise and cognitive stimulation through play and interaction with the dog.

Can Kisses

Its target population is children ranging from children diagnosed with ADHD, Juvenile Residences, dog phobias… We focus on the work and development of the emotions of the boys to offer alternative communication through contact with the animal. Exercises of cognitive stimulation and social skills that enhance teamwork and a sense of belonging to the group are also performed.