Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI) are a form of psychosocial treatment in wich the animal coupled with the therapist and guidance develops an intervention process that seeks psychological, social, educational and physical objectives intended to promote wellbeing of users.

Such interventions require the involvement of animals in therapeutic and educational in order to promote health and education and human welfare interventions.

They are also complementary programs where the animal is a motivator and facilitator element of the therapy session.

Our activities are included within the so-called Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI), which are defined by:

Animal Assisted Therapy (TAA)


Are interventions in which an animal is incorporated as an integral part of the treatment process, with the direct aim of promoting the improvement in physical, psychosocial, cognitive and emotional functions.

In this type of interventions, previously established therapeutic objectives based on the needs of the individual are established. aimed at groups and individuals.

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Animal Assisted Activities (AAA)


Are animal interventions about the motivation, cultural and recreational activities, in which benefits are obtained to increase the quality of life of people.

They are playful and therapeutic centers and leisure for individuals (camps, excursions, games …) programs.

Supported Education by Animals (SEA)


They are educational programs that aim to improve the socio-educational and cognitive abilities of users through interventions with animals and their professionals (literacy, verbal and nonverbal communication, numeracy, ADL …).