To perform each of our interventions, from CuranDOG we believe essential to analyze and meet each of the people with whom we work, in order to adapt to the needs of each case.


Therefore, our intervention programs consist of the following phases:

1. Analysis

of needs and knowledge of program participants.

2. Contact.

First visit is free.

3. Development

of the initial work plan based on the adaptations to the collective involved: through a program tailored to the capabilities and needs.

4. Initiation.

Starting program.

5. Control.

Final evaluation and monitoring.

-Our TAP programs are always accompanied by progress reports and a final report is delivered to the center/particular after the Intervention Program.-

Basis for Animal Assisted Interventions.

The animals do not judge.

They have a predictable behavior that increases confidence in patients.

They favor a relaxed atmosphere that facilitates the therapist-patient relationship (catalyst).

They are a source of unconditional acceptance.

AAI benefits.

The benefits that provide Animal Assisted Interventions to people are validated by scientific studies.

These benefits may be encompassed by the following levels:

  • The interaction with animals brings benefits in the cardiovascular system due to decreased blood pressure.
  • Encourage physical activity, improved mobility in both upper and lower extremities.
  • It means working fine and gross motor skills, plus the balance, coordination and proprioception.
  • It increases attention levels and connection with the environment.
  • It encourages verbal communication with others and improved quality of language.
  • Improving executive functions (memory, attention, planning …).
  • Decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • Improves mood and self-esteem.
  • Increase in emotional and positive behavior during the session (laughter, tenderness, affection …).
  • Regulates impulsivity and emotional control.
  • The animal operates in as a facilitator or social lubricant.
  • Increasing the level of social interaction with peers, professionals from the center and the team of AAI.
  • Source of entertainment and a break with the usual routine.
  • It facilitates the realization of group activities and is a source of channeling for social dialogue.
  • The animal is a multisensory stimuli (smells, textures, sounds, temperature) favoring sensory experiences.

Whom we target.

The main beneficiaries of our programs are people who for physical, social, economic or cultural reasons may be favored by the AAI:





Chilhood and Adolescence



Rare Disseases



Drug Adicction